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 Smarter Hiring

Take the Guess Work Out of Hiring by Using Data and Science.

Our approach is repeatable and scientifically validated, yet remains people-centric. We promote a process of better job profiling (defining the target candidate not the job description), accurate candidate matching, managing to performance, and maintaining high engagement. 




Align People to Business Strategy

Most organizations focus on the business strategy while people planning becomes an initiative where attention is given as problems arise. Talent optimization is aligning the people strategy to the business strategy ensuring the the entire organization is moving in the right direction.

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Why? Because Interviews, References, and Resumes Tell Only Half The Story!

HIRE + Retention helps you get the full picture of your candidates and remove bias from the selection process. We give you the tools help benchmark the position and know what behavioral traits and drivers best fit the role you're looking to fill within your specific company.

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Let Us Handle Your Critical Hires

HIRE + Retention works with companies across North America and in Israel to find and place talented professionals perfectly suited for your needs and organization's culture. We assess and match top executives and leaders seeking right-fit careers in operations, technology, sales & marketing, human resources, and technical roles. People are the secret sauce in business, and we know people.

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Turnover is expensive, turnover from poor hiring practices is exponentially more costly. 

Studies show that almost half of new hires are terminated, leave under pressure, or receive significant disciplinary action and negative reviews within their first 18 months. Bad hires have created a revolving door for many organizations and the impact goes deeper than recruiting costs:

  • Mishires hurt employees: Hiring the wrong person can diminish current employee confidence.
  • Mishires hurt managers: Managing a bad hire is exhausting, time consuming, and delays future hiring decisions.
  • Bad hires hurt teams: Morale and productivity suffer when teams are uncertain if they can trust new hires.
  • Bad hires harm HR: Resources and energy are drained handling exiting and rehiring employees.
  • Mishires cheat the organization: Bad hires cost you in lost hours of productivity, and expensive mistakes, recruitment fees, interviewing, and onboarding a replacement.

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