Recruiting Leaders at the Executive and Management Level HIRE + Retention

 Recruiting Leaders at the Executive and Management Level

Recruiting Leaders for Organizations
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Executive and Management Search – Recruiting Key Leaders

Clients look to HIRE + Retention for help finding the best talent for their most critical roles. The tools we use create a more stringent recruiting process and as a result, the candidates we deliver better fit the position’s requirements and specifically fit the culture of the organization. 

We believe that two questions must be answered for every position: why does the position exist and how do we measure their effectiveness. We begin by answering these questions then helping our client define the role through a benchmarking process that looks at the role from the perspective of the position itself and how it interacts with all stakeholders. Then stakeholders and those in the reporting lines complete assessments that map their behavioral profiles. This data is used to screen and vet candidates for a match based on their skills, experience, personality fit, and cognitive ability. Before candidates are presented they have already been through a rigorous process to ensure they will be successful working in that specific role and in your company.

After assisting you with negotiating the employment agreement, we remain engaged through their start date. After a new hire starts their position they are matched with an executive coach for integration & performance coaching. Their success is backed by a  guarantee.

The HIRE + Retention recruiting process is more rigorous and thorough resulting in better placements and stronger teams.

Organizations trust us to fill their most critical positions and build solid, high-performing teams. We look forward to supporting you. 

Functional Areas

  • Executive & Strategic Leadership
  • Operations & Compliance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology

Organizational Role

  • CxO / C-Suite
  • Vice President
  • Director
  • Senior Manager

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