The Academy HIRE + Retention

 The Academy

The Academy = Tools + Knowledge to Help Companies Hire and Retain Great Employees

The Academy is a suite of tools & training to enable business leaders to hire, manage, and inspire their people. The foundation of science and the processes we teach make the difference.

The link between business strategy and business results is typically comprised of systems, processes, and people. Most businesses rely upon data and metrics to measure their systems and processes’ performance, yet they lack people data. The Academy enables businesses to gain insight and take action using people analytics.


The Tools

People Data > People Insights > People Action
Our tools apply data and behavioral science to two specific areas – defining a job/role and translating a person's behavioral profile and cognitive ability to data. With data specific insights can be identified to predict how well someone will perform in that role. The actions that follow eliminate assumptions and result smarter hiring decisions, knowing how to engage and inspire an employee, and how to drive results through people.  


Knowledge Transfer

We teach you how to take action using people data. Following training, you will immediately begin making smarter, more informed people decisions for hiring and managing while unlocking the potential of your people. The training is tailored to the attendees and always in the context of your business to ensure executives, leaders, and managers are aligned and ready to take immediate action that drives results.  

Save Time

Reduce the time on recruiting and hiring.

Save Money

Save money by improving retention and reducing turnover.

Increase Revenue

Raise engagement and drive performance.

You know your business better than anyone. The HIRE + Retention Academy helps you gather people data, identify key insights, and take smarter actions that drive business results. 

Our Process

Identify Goals

Identify organizational goals and the underlying people objectives needed to help the business achieve those goals.

Tool Access

Get your team access to the tools and functions contained in the Academy platform.

Knowledge Transfer

Complete knowledge transfer trainings where your leaders become jedis in people analytics.


Begin executing on the people goals with help and support from Admerge to ensure success.

Our Tools & Services are Trusted by Local & Global Businesses to Help Them Achieve Results

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